Premo & Gustavsson

Ett samarbete med den amerikanska multi-instrumentalisten Laurel Premo. Allt från svängig old time musik till sirliga polskor, både egenkomponerade och traditionella låtar. CD-release oktober 2016!

HILDEGARD AND HEALING: Ordo Virtutum Reimagined
“If Hildegard had been a man, she would be well known as one of the greatest artists and intellectuals the world has ever seen.” – Matthew Fox

Conceived and directed by Cristi Catt in collaboration with vocal ensemble Putni directed by Antra Drege. Anna Gustavsson, nyckelharpa and Andra Eglite, kokle. Performed in Latvia and Sweden June 2016.

Hildegard’s chants mixed with works by composers from Latvia, Sweden, The Netherlands, and US as well as traditional music of Latvia and Sweden, to create a musical and theatrical work that is both ancient and brand new, a tale of healing and hope with a universal message that rings true across the centuries. 

Primo Secundo

Anna Gustavsson – Marika Bjärnborg

Ett samarbete där i huvudsak småländska slängpolskor och menuetter spelas. Med fokus på samspel och ett utvecklat stämspel.

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Anna Gustavsson – Marika Bjärnborg – Simon Persson

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Foto: Andrea Lindström